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Organic Honeybush and Buchu Tea

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Honeybush tea and Buchu mix

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Buchu, the fynbos herb, is the only certified herbal FDA approved diuretic for weight loss. The Honeybush tea has the honey and lemon taste, from the natural ingredient and does wonders for your health, while promoting weight loss when consumed with an appropriate eating program. Refreshing and leaving you wanting for more. Definitely a new experience and an ideal gift to any tea drinker. Honeybush is a natural herb from the Fynbos plant group which only grows in the Easter Cape region of South Africa in a natural state. The health benefits are well documented on the web, certified Organic and a daily must for any health or sports professional.

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The small is 150mm long and suited to people 75 kgs and smaller.

The large is 170mm long and suited to people 80 kgs and larger.

The medium copper is one size fits all and 162mm long.

The MyCopper is 150mm long and suited to youth and kids.