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It all Started with One man's Long Walk to Freedom

About Mandela Bangle

The idea for the Mandela Bangle was born out of more than just a need to provide ongoing funding for the Mandela Day Schools Library campaign, but out of a desire to directly influence the lives of those who are most affected by Poverty, inequality and HIV AIDS.

The Bangle takes its name from Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom brand. He was prisoner number 466, incarcerated in 1964. Inspired by the vision and leadership of Nelson Mandela, the Bangle is an African response to the global Poverty, inequality and HIV AIDS epidemic that invites the whole world to take the fight in hand.


When you buy a Long Walk to Freedom Mandela bangle jewellery item (also known as a bracelet or wristband) you are not making a once-off donation to charity, you are helping to form a sustainable revenue stream that will benefit bangle craftsmen by creating jobs and uplifting skills as well as schools programmes to help prevent the spread of poverty, inequality and HIV AIDS.

The initiative is a uniquely South African one, making these fashion accessories and bangles with the valuable resources the country has - Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The other precious resource South Africa has in abundance is the positive attitude of its people. What makes each bangle so special is that it creates jobs for some of our incredible people using their skill of African crafts - taking them off the streets and giving them access to healthcare and education.

This jewellery trend fashion bangles and campaign is supported by international ambassadors from the world of sport and entertainment.


The journey started when the concept of converting corporate social responsibility into corporate social opportunity took hold. The business model were designed to generate jobs, skills and funds from the sales of bangles and accessories for children education via the Mandela Day School Library project of the bangle programme. By using people who suffer from poverty and inequality the most in the process of manufacturing we create hope, almost like having your cake and eating it.


What makes each bangle so special is that it creates jobs for some of our incredible people - taking them off the streets and giving them access to healthcare and education. By taking these less fortunate people and giving them an opportunity to be part of the process of creating the bangle they are also given an opportunity to generate a sustainable weekly income.


Over and above the benefits to the crafters affected by Poverty, HIV/AIDS and inequality through the production process, the Mandela bangle will on a global scale benefit people living who have less access to education via Nelson Mandela’s campaign known as Mandela Day and the Schools library project.

About The Libary Project

Did you Know?
90% of South African schools DO NOT have libraries!

We were shocked and saddened by this fact and in going forward the Mandela Bangle initiative in conjunction with the Long Walk to Freedom Brand, Soul Buddies, Rotary International, Read Foundation, Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and the Department of Education have put together an awesome LIBRARY PROJECT INITIATIVE to supply fully-stocked container libraries to as many of these disadvantaged schools as possible.

This is our primary Mandela Day Campaign.

Let's combine forces and really make a difference for our aspiring future generation.

The Mandela Day Library Schools project hope is to be able to deliver at least 100 units in the next forty eight months. The need is much larger but realistic goals must be set and considering the fact that an average of 700 kids occupy each school we are hopeful that by targeting the specific school in areas of greatest need we will have a positive influence over may a child's life and indeed create an environment that allows the children to be educated.

The container Library concept is not new to South Africa and previous installed libraries although few have had significant effects in making a real and sustainable difference in the children's life. The project is made up of a number of critical components but it all starts with you and your Mandela Bangle! Each container is revamped from old container stock and restored to a product that is not only workable but aseptically pleasing as well.